What is old is new again!  Introducing the original Pong® arcade game – updated.  We kept the classic style but have re-imagined it into a mechanical, 3D game. The modern Pong® boasts colorful bouncing lights, enchanting sounds, and the same fluid movement that players love.  The coffee table design is perfect for any game room or recreation space in your home or office.

We also have the perfect ottoman stools to accompany your new Atari Pong® Coffee Table.  They are beautifully embroidered with the Atari logo on smooth imitation leather.

The features of Atari Pong® offered by Snag A Game are:

  • The Game – True life representation of classic Pong® using mechanical components
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Built in so you can listen and interact with your own  music
  • Player Options – Multi-player or single play against an artificial computer
  • USB Charging – 4 charging ports to charge your devices while you play
  • Clock Display – Digital clock that tells time when it’s not keeping score
  • LED Lights – Colored lights to enhance your gaming experience
  • Coffee Table Design – Close the table ends for a smooth coffee table that is unique and fun for any recreation space in your home of office
  • Three Speed Modes – Easy, normal and expert speeds available – are you  looking for a challenge?
  • Spill Resistant – Spills?  The table top is sealed to protect the critical electric components
  • Volume too high?  You can adjust for music and sound effects
  • Playing by yourself?  Good luck playing against the computer – The AI is pretty good!
  • Power Supply – Great news – it’s a standard 110-220v with a universal power connector.
  • Officially licensed by Atari

For more helpful information, please visit this link:

Atari Pong Faq Tips Tricks

Bowl Master brings the fun of bowling to the ease of use in your home or office! Bowling is one of the most popular games when it comes to recreational gaming. The main advantage of bowling is that at one time, multiple people can compete and play the game. The thrill when you roll the bowl and hit all the nine pins to get a ‘strike’ keeps players hooked for hours at a time. Snag A Game brings the popular bowling game indoors with ‘Bowl Master’ which allows family and friends to play the game whenever they want.

The features of Bowl Master are:

  • 1-6 players with high score ranking
  • Built-in sensors detect the ball’s speed and trajectory, then translates the action on screen
  • Utilize virtual “bumpers” for younger players – or for players that are prone to gutter balls!
  • Select how many lanes you want to play
  • Bowl Master keeps score for you!  How easy is that?
  • Vibrant video screen that shows all aspects of your game
  • Simple and easy set up
  • Compact footprint
  • Lane length can be extended